TechServiceOnDemand  LLC
A SW New Mexico Information Technology Company

  1. Small Business IT
    Small Business IT
    Courtesy of Dell Computers Corp (we are a partner of Dell), this diagram shows a basic small business IT configuration. Our company is setup to work with small businesses and understands some of the challenges and constraints. In addition to Dell, we are also partners of HP Enterprise, Cisco as well as Netgear. We can help your small business to find the most cost effective and sensible IT solution.
  2. IT Network
    IT Network
    Networking and communications are our company's specialties. We have been working with the Internet since 1977. Over the years, we have worked with dialup lines, satellite connections, ISDN as well as DSL. We are very familiar with high speed Internet offerings from Comcast, CenturyLink and WNMC. If you need assistance with Internet, telephony, wire or wireless networking, we are here to help.
  3. Microsoft
    We have been working with Microsoft since the time before there was an IBM PC. We worked in engineering and advanced product development for one of the world's top 3 PC manufacturers. We have used all versions of Windows ever released. We have also been using Windows 10 since the first Technical Preview was released late 2014. We are experienced in most MS Office from 2000 to Office 365. If you need assistance with Microsoft products or are considering Windows 10 migration, contact us, we can help.
  4. Hospitality WiFi
    Hospitality WiFi
    In just a few short years, guest WiFi has become a MUST HAVE for the hospitality industry. As with any technology, this development has provided challenges and opportunities. We have the right strategy to help small to mid sized hospitality businesses to meet this challenge. Call us for more details.
  5. Refurbished PC
    Refurbished PC
    The goal of our refurbish business is to recycle local corporate retired systems back to our community. We are a Microsoft Registered PC Refurbisher. Picture here is my desktop, a vintage 2009 Dell 546MT. It matches up well with a lot of the current mid level PCs. The trick is I have upgraded the processor 3 times, max out on the memory, tripled the size of power supply and drop in a 240G SSD. You may be surprised with how much more you can get out of your old "clunker". Contact us for further details.